INLAND EMPIRE, CA - The excitement surrounding the upcoming Men's Mexico Indoor Team match against the USA is reaching new heights as Holliday Rock proudly becomes the official sponsor for this historic event. This thrilling showdown, set to take place on September 10th, promises to captivate fans worldwide and deliver an unforgettable experience for soccer enthusiasts. 

Holliday Rock, a company renowned for its commitment to excellence and community values, is delighted to be a part of this landmark moment in sports history. With a legacy of fostering strong community ties and promoting high-quality living standards, the alignment with Men's Mexico Indoor Team reinforces the company's dedication to supporting sporting events that bring joy and unity to people of all backgrounds. 

Commenting on the sponsorship, John Holliday, Chief Executive Officer of Holliday Rock, stated, "We are thrilled to be associated with the Men's Mexico Indoor Team and support this monumental event. As a company deeply rooted in our communities, we recognize the power of sports in bringing people together. This sponsorship aligns perfectly with our values, and we are honored to play a role in creating a memorable experience for soccer fans worldwide."

This momentous occasion not only features the much-anticipated match between the Men's Mexico Indoor Team and the USA but also marks a groundbreaking milestone as both the Men and Women USA vs. Mexico Indoor Soccer Games will be witnessed under one ticket purchase for the very first time. 

In the words of Jimmy Nordberg, Executive Vice President of the Empire Strykers, "We are beyond thrilled to have Holliday Rock on board as our official sponsor for the Men's Mexico Indoor Team match on September 10th. Their support allows us to bring together our community for this historic event! Holliday Rock is the first of many sponsors to be announced, and we eagerly look forward to partnering with other businesses for this momentous occasion."

Mark your calendars and spread the word as this showdown promises to be an exhilarating display of talent and passion on the indoor soccer turf. For more information on tickets and sponsorship opportunities, visit www.theempirestrykers.com or contact our office at (909) 457-0252.