INLAND EMPIRE - Empire Strykers, is delighted to announce the appointment of Felipe Ruiz as the new Vice President of Community Outreach & Relations. With an impressive track record of leadership and community engagement, Felipe Ruiz brings a wealth of experience to the Empire Strykers Family.

Felipe Ruiz's journey has been marked by a deep-rooted commitment to community and a passion for fostering winning traditions. His invaluable learnings in these domains stem from the LA Dodgers and none other than the esteemed Tommy Lasorda, whose influences have shaped Felipe's approach to leadership and community-building.

A key highlight of Felipe Ruiz's illustrious career includes a supporting role in the 2020 World Series champion Dodgers run and other key milestones during that era. As an integral part of the organization, Felipe contributed significantly to the establishment of a culture of excellence, teamwork, and triumph, a legacy that continues to inspire aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts.

With Felipe now joining the Empire Strykers, the organization eagerly anticipates his pivotal role in creating a pathway of culture and instilling a tradition of victory and excellence within the team. His exceptional ability to connect with communities and his dedication to building strong relationships will undoubtedly propel the Empire Strykers forward in their mission to make a positive impact both on and off the field.

"We are thrilled to welcome Felipe Ruiz to our staff," said Jimmy Nordberg, Executive Vice President of Empire Strykers. "His unparalleled experience, coupled with his commitment to community engagement and winning traditions, aligns perfectly with our vision. Felipe's leadership will undoubtedly play a crucial role in furthering our mission and fostering a strong sense of unity and success among our players, staff, and fans."

The Empire Stryker’s family and culture eagerly look forward to the positive changes that Felipe Ruiz's expertise and passion will bring to the organization and community. With his appointment, the team is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter, one that further embraces the values of community, leadership, and a tradition of excellent family and culture.


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